Back Sailing Aboard the Windy
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windy 078.jpg
Waiting for Windy at Navy Pier
windy 079.jpg
Doris is fun
to wait with.
windy 082.jpg
Here she comes.
windy 084.jpg
4 Masts,  A Barquintine, 109 feet long.
windy 087.jpg
She heads in to pick us up.
windy 089.jpg
Capt. Jim shows Uncle Bob the ropes.
windy 090.jpg
Chicago's skyline.
windy 092.jpg
A 15 knot breeze and sunny.
windy 094.jpg
All tops'ls set.
windy 095.jpg
What a way to spend

an afternoon.
windy 096.jpg
Two old time and

two modern pirates.
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